What To Expect

You should know exactly what you’re signing up for! Below are some pictures and explanations of what will be showing up at your property.

Spokane Mulch Works With Arborists To Deliver Mulch Like This:

What You Find At The Store:

Store-bought mulch is standardized and highly processed. Looks neat but lacks the same nutrients and benefits of Arborist chips/mulch.

Keep In Mind…

Tree companies will deliver to locations that are closest to their job sites first. There is no order.

If you choose to accept anything or are not particular then you’ll probably see a delivery much quicker!

If you need something specific this might not be the right service for you. Your request will be sent out but there is no guarantee of delivery.

How Big Is The Delivery?

Hard to say. Arborists and tree companies use trucks of all sizes. It could be a partial load from a small truck or an overflowing load from a large chip truck.

When you sign up you are indicating that you have space for any of it.

Unfortunately you cannot request a partial load. When unloading it is everything or nothing.

(Ford Ranger)
(Large F750 Chip Truck)

Delivery Location

The location you list must be easily accessible by large trucks and trailers. It must have firm enough ground that trucks don’t get stuck.

You will be contacted before drop-off. However it is strongly recommended that your location be accessible without you present.

Tree companies are on a tight schedule and do not always have time to coordinate drop-offs with property owners.

Drivers can refuse delivery for any reason and cannot be held liable for damages to driveways or grounds.

Liability for damage to fences, gates or other surrounding objects will fall on the driver and must be settled between the property owner and said driver/tree company. Spokane Mulch cannot be held responsible for any damages.

When Can I Expect It?

Hard to say. When a tree company is working in your neck of the woods and needs to unload their truck. For locations outside of town the wait will probably be longer.

You will be contacted via text or call the day of delivery.

Spring, summer and fall are busier seasons than winter.

Questions? Concerns?

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Send an e-mail to: spokvryc@spokanemulch.com

Thank you!